The Shock System

How men can achieve more in less time and have unstoppable energy and drive

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For every man that seeks more energy, time, money, freedom and sex drive, The Shock Event is taking place June 19th at 6:30 pm and June 20th at 12 pm at the Cork & Olive in Lake Mary.

This is an opportunity to feast on mouthwatering gourmet wings and laugh your butt off at Rich Massa‚Äôs comedy show while you discover the secrets of The Shock System. For every participant, there is an opportunity to be gained by qualifying to be one of ten men to beta test The Shock System at SHOCK CAMP. 

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What People said about The Shock System


Pj Nolasks

"I was single, overweight, and hated my job. Now I own a fitness business, in great shape, and have a healthy sex life.

Carl Tully

"I lost 50lbs and got promoted at work. My wife is more attracted to me and our relationship is stronger than ever."

Tim Reik

"After my divorce I wanted to find myself and my value. I decided this is my life and I am going to make it a great one. Now I am in the best shape of my life and the women I date are attracted to the "real me". "